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Chinese diplomat slams Western unilateral coercive measures on Xinjiang

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GENEVA, Sept. 9 (Xinhua) -- Some western countries fabricated blatant lies of the so-called "forced-labor" in Xinjiang and imposed unjustified unilateral coercive measures (UCMs), showing that they are simply unwilling to see a prosperous Xinjiang where people live in happiness, a senior Chinese diplomat said here on Wednesday.

Speaking at the online event on the Impact of UCMs on the Enjoyment of Human Rights in Xinjiang, Chen Xu, China's envoy to Geneva, told the audience that the motivation for the above actions is "to pursue their anti-China political agenda."

"By doing so, they attempt to undermine stability in Xinjiang and retard China's development. What these countries have done has severely breached international law and seriously violated human rights," Chen said.

He stressed that they are not only firmly rejected by the Chinese government and the Chinese people, but also opposed and loathed by all justice-upholding people in the world.

Arguing that working creates a good life and promotes people's development in all aspects, Chen said that China fully respects the will of workers, protects their rights in accordance with law, and strives to ensure that everyone is entitled to a happy life and development through hard work.

"In China's Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region, employment is prioritized and proactive employment policies are implemented," he said.

At Wednesday's online event, people from all walks of life in Xinjiang shared their stories on how UCMs imposed by Western countries have jeopardized normal business activities and legitimate rights and interests of companies and violated the human rights of people of all ethnic groups there.