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Three Forms Of Writing To Try First Before Starting On Your Novel

Are you someone who enjoys writing and are hoping to write your own novel someday? If so, you may want to keep in mind that a novel is usually over 40,000 words. That's a lot of words to come up with! Before becoming overwhelmed by writing a longer piece of work, you may want to try something a little more manageable at first. Here are three forms of writing to try before starting on that novel. 


Essays can be fairly easy to write because they focus on a particular subject. There are four types of essays including: 

  • Expository - a type of writing that investigates or presents an idea
  • Descriptive - this type of writing is used to describe something 
  • Narrative - uses point of view in order to tell a story 
  • Persuasive - also called an argumentative essay, the writer takes a stand for or against a particular topic

Essays can range in length, but writing a 500-word essay is a great place to start. 

Long Riddle

This is one type of writing form you may never have considered, but not only can putting together long riddles get your creative juices flowing, it will also help you develop your problem solving skills. Both creativity and finding ways to come up with problems and their solutions are great assets to have when it is time to write your novel. In order to write a good riddle, here are some steps you'll want to take: 

  • Come up with your answer first
  • Come up with descriptions for your answer
  • Come up with strong, simple words when drafting your riddle
  • Write your riddle

When writing your long riddle, remember to keep it interesting, engaging, and most of all, fun. While you want it to be challenging, you don't want to make it so difficult that its readers aren't able to solve it. 

Short Story

If you are ready to write something more in depth, which might even contain some dialogue, a short story is a great form of writing to try before starting your novel. The lengths of short stories vary, but some literary journals don't accept anything over 8,000 words. Whether your short story is 4,000 words or 7,000, you'll want to ensure it contains these five elements: 

  • Character
  • Setting
  • Plot
  • Conflict
  • Theme

Whether you choose to try your hand at writing an essay, a long riddle, or a short story, any of the three will help better prepare you for accomplishing your dream of writing a novel.